Board Members


Nancy O’Malley


District Attorney

Alameda County District Attorney's Office


Tom Tobin, Ph.D., CASOMB Vice-Chair

Clinical Psychologist

California Coalition on Sexual Offending


Gerry D. Blasingame, Psy.D.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
California Coalition on Sexual Offending


Richard DaBell, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist

Department of State Hospitals


The Honorable Peter Espinoza
Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Court


Janet Neeley
Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General


Jeff Green
Associate Director
Division of Adult Parole Operations
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Monica Nino

County Administrator

San Joaquin County


Jerry Powers
Chief Probation Officer
Los Angeles County


Jay Atkinson
Research Manager III
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Lauren Rauch
Registration Enforcement & Compliance
Team Coordinator
Los Angeles Police Department


Max Bosel
Police Chief 
Mountain View Police Department


Sandra Henriquez
Executive Director
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Michelle Steinberger
Division Manager
Ventura County Probation Agency


Jack Weedin
Deputy Public Defender
Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office


Alma Underwood
Parole Administrator
Division of Adult Parole Operations
Board Coordinator





The vision of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) is to decrease sexual victimization and increase community safety.


The vision will be accomplished by addressing issues, concerns and problems related to community management of adult sex offenders by identifying and developing recommendations to improve policies and practices.


On September 20, 2006, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 1015, which created the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB). The bill had been introduced by Assembly Members Judy Chu and Todd Spitzer and passed the California Legislature with nearly unanimous bipartisan support.


Because California is the most populated state in the Union and has had lifetime registration for its convicted sex offenders since 1947, California has more registered sex offenders than any other state with about 88,000 identified sex offenders (per Department of Justice, August 2007). Currently, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) supervises about 10,000 of those 88,000 sex offenders, of which about 3,200 have been designated as High Risk Sex Offenders (CDCR Housing Summit, March 2007). Additionally, there are about 22,500 adult sex offenders serving time in one of 32 state prisons operated by CDCR (California Sex Offender Management Task Force Report, July 2007).


While it is commonly believed that most sexual assaults are committed by strangers, the research suggests that the overwhelming majority of sex offenders victimize people known to them; approximately 90 percent of child victims know their offenders, as do 80 percent of adult victims [per Kilpatrick, D.G., Edmunds, C.N., & Seymour, A.K. (1992) Rape in America: A Report to the Nation. Arlington, VA: National Victim Center].