Board Members


Nancy O’Malley
District Attorney
Alameda County District Attorney's Office


Tom Tobin, Ph.D., CASOMB Vice-Chair
Clinical Psychologist
California Coalition on Sexual Offending


Gerry D. Blasingame, Psy.D.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
California Coalition on Sexual Offending


Deirdre D'Orazio
Consulting Psychologist
Department of State Hospitals



Janet Neeley
Deputy Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General


Guillermo Viera Rosa
Division of Adult Parole Operations
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Monica Nino
County Administrator
San Joaquin County


Jay Atkinson
Research Manager III
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Lauren Rauch
Registration Enforcement & Compliance
Team Coordinator
Los Angeles Police Department


Sandra Henriquez
Executive Director
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault


Michelle Steinberger
Division Manager
Ventura County Probation Agency


Fernando Giraldo
Chief of Probation
Santa Cruz County Probation


Ezekiel Cortez
Criminal Defense Attorney






The California Sex Offender Management Board has developed the below-listed standards in accordance with California Penal Code Section 9003 (a), which states that all those professionals who provide sex offender management programs and risk assessments, pursuant to Section 290.09, shall be certified by the board according to these standards. Sex offender treatment programs and treatment providers are required to apply for recertification every 2 years.


The current processing time for complete applications is approximately 30 days. Please note the 30 day processing time is for applications that are received completed. Incomplete applications begin the 30 day processing time once all outstanding information is received.  


Certified Treatment Programs: Click here to find a CASOMB-certified treatment program in your area. Although programs are listed by the county where they are headquartered, many programs provide services to clients in other counties. All sex offender treatment providers and programs providing services to offenders on probation or parole must be certified by the Board. Penal Code section 290.009


These documents provide details on the standards necessary for the certification of sex offender treatment programs and providers. Also included in this section are the Post-Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Certification Standards, which should be adhered to by all polygraph examiners employed by certified sex offender treatment providers or programs.


Apprentice Recertification Requirements Announcement


To Apply for Certification:


Polygraph Certification Standards in California

Polygraph examiners must meet the standards set by CASOMB. 


Use of Polygraph – Legal and Practical Considerations


Model Informed Consent Forms for Sex Offender Polygraph Examinations

Use of the following model informed consent forms is encouraged, but certified programs are free to modify or devise their own informed consent release forms.


Criminal Offender Record Information